Payments Simplified!

PayFast is a State Bank licensed and regulated fintech that allows any business to receive payments from their customers through a variety of online payment methods.

Welcome to the New Era of Digital Payments!

Time to go cashless!

We’re here to reduce dependency on cash. PayFast aims to ensure a robust digital payment platform that is secure, reliable and revolutionizes the way you operate your business.

Why PayFast?

PayFast makes it easier to run your business as Pakistan moves towards digitization. We’re here to help scale your business by enabling it to go online and reach untapped markets.

Self Sign-Up

Paper-less, and contact-free! Our digital sign-up portal allows you to seamlessly register by yourself from the comfort of your office or home.

Optimize Revenue

Integrate with ease and simplicity to expedite acceptance of payments.


We are PCI-DSS Compliant and additionally have a Fraud Monitoring Solution, and transaction monitoring solution and team in place to protect your business. Learn more about Guardian here:

There to assist you every step of the way

24/7 customer support through email, chat, and call, and an extensive FAQ page to Click here


Allow us to take care of Bill Payments

Billing made hassle-free. PayFast Billing is made
for companies of all sizes to create and issue
invoices and collect payments and fees through
any bank’s mobile banking, internet banking and
over-the-counter locations.

The first Payment Gateway to get commercial
approval from the State Bank of Pakistan

We provide the most reliable payments solution in the market, compliant with the PSO/PSP regulations issued by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Enabling QR and Tap & Pay transactions throughout Pakistan

We’ve partnered with UnionPay International, the world’s largest payment scheme in order to facilitate mobile payments

We’re Pro-Developers on the most
popular E-commerce plugins

Delivering powerful, adaptable, and customizable payments integration.

Security is our highest priority

Our Partners

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Go Digital Today !

We Have A Seamless, Self Sign-Up
Process So That You Can Become A
Partner In A Matter Of Minutes
We’re proud to be the fastest solution in making
your business go live