Audi in Pakistan and PayFast partnership to guarantee digital convenience nationwide.

Audi–  Pakistan’s #1 luxury automobile brand, and PayFast – Pakistan’s premier payment gateway, have partnered to facilitate online bill payments.

PayFast is a State Bank licensed payment gateway service in Pakistan that facilitates secure online payments through payment cards, bank accounts, and mobile wallets for over 500+ partner merchants through its diverse suite of digital payment solutions, such as PayFast Checkout and PayFast Billing.

PayFast Billing is an invoicing solution that allows businesses and organizations to digitally present bills and receive payments from their clients.

By partnering with PayFast for online bill services, customers of Audi in Pakistan will be able to conveniently pay their service bills online through any payment method they desire. Meanwhile, the company can simply use PayFast’s invoicing platform to generate, customize, and track invoices for clients, who will be able to pay digitally through internet banking portals and mobile banking apps (using their bank accounts, payment cards, or mobile wallets) or even physically at ATMs and TCS express centers.

The partnership brings a degree of convenience and security to customers – who can pay from the comfort of their homes, as well as to Audi in Pakistan – who can send, track, and manage paperless invoices through a singular billing dashboard with features like automated reminders and bulk invoice generation enabled.

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