Seamless and trouble-free payments to help you scale your business!

A dynamic platform for your business to accept digital payments through payment gateway, payment links and more. Use PayFast and experience the new era of payments.

PayFast Payment Links

Are you looking for a hassle-free way to receive payments from your customers but don’t have a website or landing page?

There’s no need to worry anymore!

PayFast Payment Links will allow you to accept payments against your product or services by creating a unique payment link. It’s that simple!

Get Payments from Anywhere in Three Easy Steps:

Generate a customizable billing invoice against your product or services through our invoicing portal.

Send the payment link directly to the customer through email, SMS, Whatsapp or embed the link anywhere you prefer.

Add your payment frequency, be it one-time or recurring

Is PayFast Payment Links for Me?

Whether you’re a freelancer, homemaker, entrepreneur, or influencer starting off a venture and looking for an easy, fast, and secure payment solution for your growing business needs, you have nothing to worry about! We’ve got you covered!

Versatile Payment Acceptance

With the PayFast Payment Links solution your customers can make payments from a wide range of payment modalities:

How to generate an invoice?

Payment Links provides a customizable and easy to use interface that helps you send an invoice in a matter of seconds. Here’s how:

Log into your PayFast dashboard
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Step 01
Go to Create Invoice
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Step 02
Select your Customer and Invoice Reference ID
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Step 03
Add minimum payable amount, if applicable
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Step 04
Add total amount and GST
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Step 06
Save and Send
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Step 07